Through the ages, copper has been used for lamps, indoor and out, but has in recent years experienced a significant renaissance. The beautiful, warm glow of copper lamps underlines your style, modern or classic. Patinated copper pendants give a rustic look. High gloss polished and sanded surfaces add a modern twist.

All our lamps are produced from solid copper plate. And you don't have to worry about maintenance; all lamps are coated and will maintain their luster without any polishing. 

Locus in the antique copper version is not sealed with lacquer, so the copper will patinate with time. Oxygen and moisture will cause the surface to change, first to brown and black, then patinating into green. In fact, this model is chemically treated precisely in order to achieve the right antique look and also moisture protected with liquid paraffin.  The copper patinating is part of the charm of the material and variations in the material shall not be deemed basis for complaint. 

The shades are sanded by hand and the surfaces will not be completely uniform, as, equally, two lampshades will never be quite the same. This is not an error in the product either, but a part of the craft.

Aluminum is the most abundant metal in nature. A lightweight metal that can achieve high strength  - easy to work with and with a high corrosion resistance, yielding a long life cycle. 

Natural leather is and will remain a classic. A beautiful, timeless and durable material, only more beautiful with age.

We work in vegetable-tanned leather of the best quality.

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